DOWNLITE is a 100 year old family business supplying Luxury Down Bedding for the finest department stores, catalogs, hotels and resorts in the country. I deigned this e-commerce site with the customer and worked with the developers to ensure design quality when implemented. The intent was to let the light values and professional photography do the heavy lifting for the site so the design work is simple in it's color palate and font selection. 
Landing Page with navigation access to brands, categories and subcategories of products. There is also a product search and hotel search persistent within the header. The body has hi-lighted products & information about the company. The footer includes the social onramps as well as the newsletter sign-up and finally all of the information links and contact info.

Category Pages show the high level category of a certain product type or brand. Here we've displayed the sub-categories in a list as well as with thumbnails and descriptions. Below that direct links to the best selling products contained within those sub-categories for easy access.

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