HP Print Bot is a bot service that enables you to print photos and docs from Facebook Messenger. You can send it your photos just as you would a friend and it will print them from your HP web-enabled printer. Leveraging HP's web-services platform It guides you through printer set up as well as provides options to purchase supplies. 

In the effort of bringing print to mobile social users a small team and I created the HP Print Bot and released it within only 3.5 weeks for the 2016 F8 conference. Since HP Print Bot's initial release in April 2016 we've done extensive in-person user testing. This user feedback has resulted in multiple design and development updates which have proven to provide a more frictionless experience for our users.

To give it a try yourself go to:  m.me/HPPrintBot
HP Print Bot Marketing Release Video
Conversation mapping communicated what the experience was before development and QA began their implementation efforts.
One of the biggest hurdles for the user was to add their printer to the bot. Through many "Add printer" experience updates and tests we made a marked improvement resulting in a 75% decrease in the "Add printer" issue.
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