Rev was my first Southern California rock band. I was attending San Diego City College for graphic design while working for a photographer and practicing. Like Bob Segar says "Workin' and Practicin'... Night moves". With the creative freedom to do whatever I and the band agreed on I created an identity that I will always be proud of.  
The concept for the cover was that we were trying to get some sort of record deal and that we were "For Sale". So we took all of our most precious items and put them in front of a dilapidated house and had a yard sale... 
This promo poster was used to promote gigs at the venues we were playing. It was too much work to make a new flier for every show so this became our main poster that we could just write in the dates and bands we were playing with. 
Press Kit. Every band needs one, so they say. This is a 2 sided fold out poster that was inserted into the front of a dvd case. Inside was the CD and some promo materials. 
The inside of the Press Kit poster had information about us. 
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